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Finding a material to bring out the best in the room of your home should be easy. It’s never been easier thanks to Anderson Tile Sales in Odessa, TX, who will help turn any room in your home into a talking point for guests thanks to their wide selection of flooring options. As the premier tile distributor in Ector and Midland counties, customers have enjoyed their commitment to excellence and the community for more than 44 years.

When you come to the conclusion you want to add tile to your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to know what type flooring or backsplash you’re looking for. Their selection of materials include ceramic, natural stone, Saltillo, Formica and more. They also offer professional installation services to go with their high-quality selection. Are you a DIYer? Installation materials and tools are available as well, meaning you’re never left out to dry while completing your task. From ceramic to marble flooring, the professionals at Anderson have you covered.

Their showroom is designed to allow customers to browse visually and physically. By visiting them, you’ll witness the textures and types of tile available, enabling you to make a more informed choice as to which one you want in your home. They also have a selection of wood flooring available.

For more information on tile, flooring or other home decor decisions or for a free estimate, call the Anderson Tile Sales experts at (432) 558-6655. Visit them online for a comprehensive list of options.

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