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The digital age allows many creative minds to come together and share their art from all over the world. When you are an upcoming musician you want your music heard on a global level.  At BattleYou serving Chicago, IL, that dream becomes a reality as they offer online music battles for a variety of musicians and talents from across the globe.

An array of different genres of music are accepted to this online music battle community. Whether you are a hip-hop artist looking to expand your skills or a guitarist looking to duel with another fellow musician, your music will be heard by a large network of people who all have a common love for music.

Broadening and diversifying yourself is key when competing in a digital world. This outlet gives musicians a place to see what is upcoming in the industry and how they can expand their horizons, all while coming together with others to grow and learn. Each music battle performed is voted on by members to promote healthy competition and give members a chance to participate and feel fully connected. Constructive criticism is then offered so the musicians are aware of what their strengths and weaknesses are, enabling them to develop and become stronger in the future.

If you are searching for a place to expand your musical reach and join a network of others that have similar interests, contact BattleYou for the chance to compete in an online music battle. Call them today at (574) 306-670 for more information on how you can get started.

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