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Has dust, dirt and grime built up on your home or office building, detracting from the beauty of your property? Cleaning it properly can take time and effort, so leave the job to the pressure washing professionals at Inman Pro Wash, who have served the greater Lexington, KY, area since 2009. Your property deserves to look pristine and welcoming, so let their experts, equipped with the latest equipment and materials, restore your home’s curb appeal.

As a pressure washing company, they offer specialty cleaning services, including roof, vinyl siding and gutter cleaning, as well as concrete pressure washing. Their roof cleaning services include the removal of untreated mold and other issues to restore your structure and ensure it’s ready to weather the elements. Their services for commercial properties range from sidewalk cleaning to removing rust stains.

Because of how sensitive parts of your home or business can be, it’s important to let this qualified team handle the job. Their cleaners use effective and safe chemicals, like citric acid, to ensure cleanliness while protecting paints, primers and coating.

Is it time to clean and restore your deck? Their deck restoration service ranks second to none in the area, offering an affordable solution that lasts. Their two-day process includes a thorough examination during and after your estimate, removal and return of property from the area and nail resetting and sealing.

From your driveway to your roof, the expert cleaners at Inman Pro Wash will leave your property looking like new. For more information on their services, call them today at (859) 312-0704 or visit them online.

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