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LWG Finishing, Hard Chrome Plating, Services, Fairfield, Ohio

LWG Finishing in West Chester, OH, is a chrome plating company serving the industrial, mining, construction and automotive industries with top-notch service and precision. Founded nearly 50 years ago, this company spans through generations. Their hometown feel and years of experience allows them to provide excellent customer service for residents throughout Butler County and nationwide.

With a specialty in chrome plating for hydraulic shafts, their main goal is to enhance the look and feel of your products. Whether you are looking for a decorative chrome plating to put on your motorcycle or a sleek finish for your construction equipment that will stand the test of time, they handle each job carefully and professionally. 

If you need your hydraulic rod cylinders repaired the technicians will strip off old chrome then weld, polish and repair any problem areas. After thoroughly prepare the piece, they plate, polish and buff the exterior to promote wear and corrosion resistance.

They offer a variety of chrome plating types, including electroless nickel. This coating can be applied to steel and stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys and powdered metals. It is cost effective and can reduce manufacturing costs. The hard coat anodizing allows paint and glue to better adhere to the metal and gives the metal the ability to be dyed.

The technicians will answer any questions or concerns openly and ensure a personalized and quality grinding service every time you step into their chrome shop. Your exact specifications are of top priority.

Choose LWG Finishing for expert chrome plating and grinding services that suit your individual needs. Call today at (513) 860-1156 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more information on the types of services offered.

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