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Buying a home can be a rewarding experience but having a home built is an even greater achievement. With the experienced home builders at Traditional Trades Builder, based in Onalaska, WI, you’ll receive quality service from a company with more than 27 years in the home building industry.

Their attention to detail is second to none, as they truly build homes, condos and subdivisions from the ground up, which leads to quality homes for all types of potential homeowners. Their homes and commercial structures are built to impress and endure the test of time.

If you’re sure of what you’re looking for in a home and don’t feel like waiting for a home builder to begin the design process, they also promote pre-owned homes. While they’re not homes sold by Traditional Trades, they’re still working to help you find a suitable home or help you sell your home before moving into one of their newer houses.

Not in the market to buy? Thanks to their expert staff, they also offer apartments for rent, located in safe and friendly neighborhoods. Seniors over age 55 have the option to rent a unit in one of their senior living facilities. Three-story condominiums with one and two-bedroom suites is just an example of what awaits you. More options like twin homes, triplex or quadplex styles are also available with luxurious layouts and designs.

When looking for the best home builder, find them at Traditional Trades Builders! Call (608) 783-4785 today for more information or visit their website and Facebook page.

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