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American Radiator

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American Radiator, Industrial Equipment, Services, Saint Louis, Missouri

With more than 65 years of combined experience, the owners of American Radiator &  Heat Exchanger,  Rick Pope and Gary Merrill, are proud to call their team the best in the business when it comes to quality and reliable radiator service. Located in St. Louis, MO, they have served the surrounding areas with a variety of services including radiator recoring, repairing, customized part fabrication and welding.

Staffed by a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of their trade, they are committed to precision work and efficient results. From new radiators to rebuilds, repairs and welding, they have you covered with a full range of soldering and fabrication services for vehicles, such as trucks, cars, forklifts, tractors and wood chippers.

In addition, they can repair fuel tank leaks, patch cracks, remove dents and provide overcoating and sandblasting services. From boat coolers, custom gaskets and surge tanks to oil coolers and heat exchange repairs, they have all the additional parts and pieces you need.

When you need quality radiator services you can count on, turn to the experts at American Radiator & Heat Exchanger. To speak to a technician, call (314) 725-3357. For more information, visit them online.

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