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ThetaHealing NYC

1133 Broadway, #1107
New York, NY 10010
(212) 260-5727
ThetaHealing NYC, Holistic & Alternative Care, Services, New York, New York

ThetaHealing is an exciting, innovative holistic health technique which promotes instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level. Their healing centers and health classes have helped treat thousands of patients around the world, many of whom experienced immediate regression from chronic pain, cancer, bacterial and viral infections, Alzheimer’s, as well as many emotional and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. ThetaHealing NYC, the only school in the eastern United States officially approved by founder Vianna Stibal, has shared this amazing, effective healing technique with clients all over New York and students from around the world.

The dynamic, centered team at ThetaHealing NYC offers much more than instruction in this profound healing therapy regimen – they have created a space to receive healing, and most importantly a community of like-minded, supportive individuals helping one another co-create transformation in their thought processes and environments.

They offer practitioner-level ThetaHealing classes, as well as space for practitioners to develop a deeper understanding and refine their healing skills in practice groups. Also, a mentorship program is in development for those who wish to take their practice even further. Newcomers are also welcome in individual classes and sessions, as well as in free introductory events.

Visit ThetaHealing NYC online or call (212) 260-5727. They want to help you heal.