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Operating since 1988, JD Painting & Decorating, Inc. has locations throughout Hawaii including operations in Oahu, Maui and Kauai. What began as a company with a simple philosophy of dedication to customer service and providing excellent paint work, has since grown into one of the largest painting, wall covering and renovation enterprises in Hawaii. 

Specializing in hotel renovations and hotel maintenance, JD Painting & Decorating, Inc. has successfully completed some of the most demanding projects throughout the islands. Concrete repairs, industrial coating and exterior painting services all get special attention with a professional team that strives for the very best in each project. Their teams are known for exceptional work in a style that inflicts minimum inconvenience on hotel guests and vacationers.

But that’s not all; their renovations and maintenance services extend to commercial properties and residential complexes as well as government facilities. For them, it’s an honor to be trusted by numerous clients to undertake building restorations or parking lot renovations on so many different types of buildings, warehouses and spaces. And as a result of their varied work experiences, there is almost nothing that these folks haven’t seen!

All of their paint products are EPA Lead-Safe Certified and their teams are renown for keeping conditions on the work premises safe, tidy and free from environmental hazards. With an A+ Better Business Bureau® rating, it’s no wonder the business keeps growing at such an impressive speed. Reach JD Painting & Decorating Inc. by visiting them online and learn more about their offers and services. 

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