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Lillian Veterinary Hospital

Lillian Veterinary Hospital

33940 US Highway 98
Lillian, AL 36549
(251) 962-2304
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As beloved members of our family, it’s important to ensure that our pets lead happy, healthy lives. As fellow pet lovers themselves, the kind staff at Lillian Veterinary Hospital has built a reputation as a leading, full-service veterinary care clinic in Southwest Alabama.

For over 22 years, pet owners throughout the town of Lillian have entrusted Dr. Susan Wells and her staff to care for their furry family members. Offering routine appointments for vaccinations, wellness exams, grooming and nutritional counseling along with emergency services and surgical procedures, they’re a one-stop-shop for your pet’s health care needs.

From puppy vaccinations to flea and heartworm prevention and even skin problems, they’ll take care of anything that your pet needs from birth through adulthood and beyond. With their quality senior veterinary care and effective pain management for your older animal, they will help your best friend live through old age comfortably. When the time comes for your animal to cross the rainbow bridge, their team will assist with end of life/euthanasia services with kindness and compassion.

Beyond their reputation for providing excellent pet care services, Lillian Veterinary Hospital partners with various rescue shelters and adoption services throughout the local area. When you’re looking to grow your family by four more feet, their staff can assist throughout the pet adoption process as well ensure your new adoptee is healthy. In addition, they provide boarding options to keep your pet safe while your family is away.

This team is committed to offering more than the essentials for patients. Take advantage of their online pharmacy and receive free three- to five-day shipping—no minimum purchase required! You can also use PetDesk, an app that allows you to request appointments and receive reminders for upcoming appointments. Lastly, be sure to ask about their Bath Club, where you can provide your pet with regular bathing services at a discount.

When it comes to the veterinary care of your pets, Lillian Veterinary Hospital understands you need a clinic both you and your pet can trust. To schedule an appointment or to speak to one of their veterinarians, call (251) 962-2304. For more information, you can visit them online, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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