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Phillips Repair Service

202 Stephenson Mill Rd.
Walton, KY 41094
(859) 802-2300
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Phillips Repair Service was established in 1975, and since then they have developed a reputation as one of the most reliable and affordable plumbing service providers in northern Kentucky. In Boone, Campbell, Grant, and Kenton counties, homeowners and business owners alike rely on this company, especially when emergency plumbing disasters occur.

The prompt emergency service, available anytime, day or night, is what sets this respected plumbing service apart from the competition. Phillips Repair Service understands that some problems can’t wait until morning without causing major water damage, so their skilled professionals are standing by to assist with any problem, from sump pump malfunctions to boiler and water heater repair, as soon as possible.

Their speed and expertise also extends to non-emergency services, such as full kitchen remodeling jobs and leaky faucets. No job is too big or small for these plumbing experts, so whether you just need a shower drain cleared or want an updated look for your bathroom, they will provide the best service around, at prices you can afford. They will even install top-of-the-line, complete water purification systems, providing cleaner, healthier water for your home or business.

Phillips Repair Service is the most trustworthy plumbing service in the area, with unparalleled emergency service. For a complete list of services they offer or to request an emergency visit, visit their website or just call (859) 802-2300.

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