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Uncomfortable foot pain can be difficult, making day to day tasks challenging for most individuals. The skilled podiatrist Dr. Warren Trampe at Deer Creek Foot Care has the knowledge and expertise to tackle your foot condition. His 13 years of experience in diagnosing foot problems for patients across O’Fallon, MO, and the surrounding area will enable him get to the root of your issues and treat them quickly.

This family owned and operated podiatric clinic offers patients several different services for conditions from heel pain and bunions to hammer toes and warts. Dr. Trampe undergoes continuing training in the area of foot and ankle care in order to deliver the latest treatments and outpatient surgeries. Their state of the art facility is equipped with cutting edge technology, which allows him to effectively examine and treat:

  • Plantar Fasciitis: A common ailment that causes sharp stabbing pain near the heel of the foot. The inflamed tissue can be treated by a podiatrist in a variety of ways including stretching, steroid injections and custom shoe inserts.
  • Ingrown Nails: Another common condition that normally affects the big toe. If you’re experiencing redness and soreness, Dr. Trampe will perform a permanent procedure to stop the spread of the infection and relieve pain.
  • Sports Injuries: When playing sports, a wide range of injuries can occur that affect the foot and ankle. Deer Creek Foot Care specializes in the treatment of sports related foot injuries including sprains, tendonitis and joint pain.

Throughout the entire treatment process, you can expect comfortable and compassionate foot care from the podiatrist at Deer Creek Foot Care. Call his office today at (636) 240-1127 to schedule an appointment or visit him online for more information.

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