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The Center for Work Stress Reduction

The Center for Work Stress Reduction

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The Center for Work Stress Reduction, Psychiatrists, Health and Beauty, Farmington, Connecticut

If you have found yourself overwhelmed by stressors that exist in the workplace and are unable to successfully manage your stress without help, you’re not alone. Every day, employees are feeling bombarded by expectations and deadlines and need a helping hand to cope with the pressure. Learning how to effectively tackle stress management in the workplace takes time and effort, but with The Center For Work Stress Reduction in Farmington, CT, relief is within reach.

With nearly 25 years of experience, Dr. Jay Lasser serves executive businesses and their employees throughout Hartford County with a comprehensive psychiatric approach to stress in the workplace. Utilizing his experience and skill, he is able to give employees new hope when it comes stress management. Dr. Lasser’s approach includes full psychiatric evaluation and treatment which includes not only medication if necessary but psychotherapy as well.  The psychotherapy technique works to pinpoint and examine behavioral patterns and everyday stressors through individual counseling and group sessions. Dr. Lasser will not only help the individual improve their stress level, but he will also give you strategies to improve your group dynamic in the workplace.

During the sessions, you will discuss which problems you are currently facing and will be provided with practical solutions that will aid when handling stress on a daily basis. Dr. Lasser can also incorporate family therapy sessions, so that the stress from work doesn’t migrate into all aspects of your life. Analyzing each situation carefully, he determines an individualized treatment plan that will reduce your anxiety significantly and give you a life that is happier and healthier.

Contact The Center For Work Stress Reduction for stress management sessions and techniques that will get you back on track to enjoying your work life. Call today at (860) 679-0473 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more information.

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