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Derrick Company, Metal Finishers, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

Treating metallic alloys and other materials is a complex job requiring precision and a team that understands which method will achieve your desired result. From heat treating and abrasive blasting to industrial spray painting, the Derrick Company in Cincinnati, OH, has more than 80 years of experience processing parts of all shapes and sizes.

Heat treating is used on metallic alloys and aluminum to alter properties, such as hardness and elasticity. For abrasive blasting, which is used to change the surface of a material, they employ a wheel blast machine on smaller parts and utilize air blast rooms for materials of 50 tons or more. Their industrial painting services provide simple or complex layers of paint to even the most oddly shaped parts of any size.

The Derrick Company’s blasting and heat-treating facilities will easily handle parts from 50 to 100,000 pounds or more. This includes all types of heavy equipment components and large industrial parts, as well as iron and steel casings, carbon and stainless steels and many other metal alloys. The company has a long history of performing processing services for the U.S. Military and has been treating Navy destroyer parts for the past 25 years.

This fifth-generation family owned business takes great pride in creating long-lasting relationships with customers through exceptional service and results. Every one of their team members is dedicated to the values that have helped build their reputation for decades -- “Respect, Hard Work and Dedication.” Whether your project is large or small, every customer throughout the United States and Canada receives the same personalized attention and quality work.

From small metal parts to 50-ton components, turn to the premiere heat treating, blasting and industrial painting company in North America. Contact the Derrick Company at (513) 321-8122 to discuss your needs with one of their knowledgeable specialists or visit their website for more information.

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