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With all of the logistical details to handle during a vacation, letting someone else take the wheel can be a welcome relief. Personalized and professional motorcoach tours can be a great way to sit back and enjoy your surroundings without the worries of navigating a new area. If you’re struggling to plan every stop on your next vacation, allowing a professional company to arrange a motorcoach tour outing for your group will undoubtedly make your trip one to remember.

Check out a few great reasons to plan one:

  • Reduce Stress: Rest and relaxation are hallmarks of any great vacation, but you can’t expect to truly decompress and soak in the sights if you’re concentrating on driving the entire trip. Motorcoach tours allow you to kick back and enjoy the scenery, landmarks, and events without any road anxiety.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Because of a more energy-efficient engine, a fully loaded tour bus is less impactful on the environment than a fully loaded car. The efficient and green engines also help to reduce emissions, meaning you can sight-see to your heart’s content without carrying any carbon footprint guilt.
  • Time Efficient: Worrying about the best route to get to your destination or getting stymied by unexpected road construction and detours are problems of the past when you book motorcoach tours. Cover Wagon Tours are highly efficient, meaning there will be less wasted time on your tour and more time to enjoy your trip.
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  • Socialization: If you’re traveling in a large group with several vehicles, the amount of time you get to spend all together is significantly cut into. By booking bus tours, your entire crew will be able to enjoy the chosen sights and activities as a single group. More bonding and socialization time will help make a countless number of vacation memories.
  • Safety: If you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re traveling to, there’s an increased risk of accidents and mishaps. The drivers of motorcoach tours know the routes and roads like the back of their hand, making your trip much safer.


The next time you’re planning a vacation that includes a motorcoach tour from Covered Wagon Tours is a fantastic way of eliminating stress. You’ll not only see landmarks and experience activities you may not have otherwise, but you’ll be doing it in a much more efficient way! For more information, call them at (585) 438-3063 or visit www.coveredwagontours.net today.

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