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FunikiJam Music

235 W 56 St
New York, NY 10019
(347) 913-5267
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Music is said to be one of the best mediums to bring people together and at FunikiJam Music, an early childhood development center, the mission is to have fun, jam and teach kids about the world around them by allowing them to learn through music. FunikiJam Music started in Nashville in 1999 as a playgroup and has since evolved into a landmark of early childhood development and an entertainment destination reaching over 70,000 patrons a year. Founder, Brian Barrentine is an educator and artist who created all the original FunikiJam music and curriculum for the various courses offered, from toddler classes to baby classes.

Now with its headquarters in New York City, FunikiJam Music offers a variety of unique classes on music exploration to aid with early childhood development. From the multicultural neighborhood of Astoria to the classical music of Columbus Circle to the edgy vibes of Brooklyn, FunikiJam Music offers classes, parties and live events that provide music and learning for children around NYC. They also bring programs and workshops to schools and libraries.

FunikiJam Music also hosts kid's birthday parties with the option of three packages that may include singing and dancing with instruments, a professional sound system, and a custom version of the FunikiJam live show with four FunikiJam cast members. FunikiJam has a world tour where they perform live shows to mesmerized school students, young and old.

For parents looking to enroll their children in a fun, lively music education program, they should look no further than FunikiJam Music for classes, workshops, and events in New York City. Visit FunikiJam Music’s website to learn more about their course offerings or give them a call at (347) 913-5267 today.