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Founded in 1927 as a small local soda shop, Malolo Beverages & Supplies, Ltd. was transformed nearly 20 years later and grew into the large disposable product supplier that it is today. This food service supplier provides products for commercial catering companies, restaurants, schools, offices, and retail establishments in the Honolulu area. As Hawaii’s answer to mainland discount restaurant supply stores, Malolo Beverages & Supplies, Ltd. takes pride in providing local business owners with high quality disposable products that help them save money and maintain smooth operations day after day.

Their full line of disposable products is extensive and includes both standard options and special environmentally-friendly alternatives. Their high-quality food wraps, beverage supplies, plates, to-go containers, and wide variety of disposable utensils are used in many of the major restaurants and office cafeterias across the island. 

In addition, Malolo Beverages & Supplies, Ltd. offers custom printing services, which is ideal for restaurants that want to advertise on their napkins, cups, and more. They also stock a wide variety of condiment packets, placemats, and a variety of wholesale food products like soda syrups, shaved ice syrups, and mixes.

Malolo Beverages & Supplies, Ltd. provides janitorial and sanitation products as well. These products are primarily suitable for retail and food service businesses as well as commercial buildings and places like schools and hospitals. Industrial cleaning solvents, trash liners, microfiber systems, and restroom care items are just a few of the sanitation products carried by this local distributor.

Customers always come first at Malolo Beverages & Supplies, Ltd. In fact, to best serve the business community their friendly staff members offer individualized product consultations that can help your business cut costs and increase bottom line profits by using alternative creative solutions.

Many businesses already trust Malolo Beverages & Supplies, Ltd. as their primary disposable products supplier, and after 80 years of loyal service to the residents of Hawaii, it’s easy to see why. To review their full line products and services, or to see if Malolo Beverages & Supplies, Ltd. is a good match for your business, call them at (808) 845-4830 or visit their spacious showroom today. 

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