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Manoa Grand Ballroom

2454 S Beretania St, 5th Flr
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 946-6758
Manoa Grand Ballroom, Event Spaces, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you’ve been searching for the perfect space to host your next event, then look no further than Manoa Grand Ballroom. Family owned and operated for five generations, the catering hall is the perfect location for weddings, corporate events, baby showers and more. Whether you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, or need a venue for an academic meeting, the skilled professionals at Manoa Grand Ballroom are ready to coordinate the evening for you.

With an acute attention to detail, the catering hall carries a range of services to personalize your special event and make it a complete success! From the time you book your reservations, the well-trained team assists you in choosing the best menu options, decorating to your liking and offering high quality audio equipment if needed. Additional amenities that the hall rental company offers includes available parking on the premises, an optional lounge room seating up to 40 guests and personalized menus that range in taste from local Japanese and American traditions.

And, the best part is that the catering experts work directly with you to offer the best rates in town. Understanding how important affordability and elegance are, Manoa Grand Ballroom strives to stick with your budget so that your event will be both memorable and affordable.

Trust Manoa Grand Ballroom to make your vision a reality for your next event. Their hotel-style elegance and artistry provides the best element of sophistication whether you’re looking for a banquet hall or party venue. Call the hall rental company today to set up a reservation at (808) 946-6758 or visit them online.


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The professional event planning team from Manoa Grand Ballroom in Honolulu, Hawaii, has thrown more weddings, anniversary parties, and family reunions than you can possibly imagine. more
Destination weddings can be a fun and exotic way to celebrate your union. That’s why so many brides and grooms explore the option of getting married in Honolulu! One of Oahu’s more
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Manoa Grand Ballroom is a beautiful, full-service wedding venue in Honolulu, HI. Their team of dedicated event planners has helped host and coordinate hundreds of stunning weddings. more
If you’ve been dreaming of having a destination wedding, but you’re not sure of the location or the venue, look into Manoa Grand Ballroom. Located in the lush and beautiful Manoa more
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At most venues, a luncheon event is filled with predictable sandwiches, limp side salads, and melon-filled fruit platters that no one really wants, but the team at Manoa Grand more
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If you’re planning a sit-down dinner event in Honolulu, HI, look no further than Manoa Grand Ballroom for all of your catering, hosting, and planning needs. They can provide more
Manoa Grand Ballroom in Honolulu, Hawaii, is excited to help you incorporate Hawaiian culture into your destination wedding. Not only has this wedding venue been family owned more
Do you want to throw an exciting New Year’s Eve party but you're not sure how to approach it? The party planners from Manoa Grand Ballroom, a well-known event venue and more
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It’s the biggest day of your life—your wedding day! For local Hawaiians and visitors vying for a destination wedding, the Honolulu-based Manoa Grand Ballroom is the perfect more
When a friend, relative or coworker announces they’re expecting a new addition to the family, everyone wants to join in on the excitement. A baby shower is the perfect way to more
Getting ready for the shindig of the season and stuck on what tunes to play? Planning a big event is a fun but often very stressful process; however, Manoa Grand Ballroom in more
When a friend, relative, or coworker announces they’re expecting a new addition to the family, everyone wants to join in on the excitement. A baby shower is the perfect way to more
Looking for an elegant yet affordable venue for your next corporate event? Manoa Grand Ballroom in Honolulu offers professional catering, banquet halls and conference spaces to more
Food sets the whole tone for a banquet hall event, but figuring out a cohesive menu that will please a diverse crowd of relatives, friends, and kids can be tough. Thankfully the more
Choosing a wedding venue is a huge task for any bride because there’s so much to consider. Your wedding venue really sets the tone for your event, and the look of your venue will be more
When your child reaches his or her first birthday, it’s not just a milestone for them, it’s a milestone for the whole family, but planning a first birthday can leave you feeling more
For an event to remember, location is everything. With its stunning ocean views, sunny weather and paradise vibe, Honolulu, HI, is the ultimate place for the perfect function— and more
Your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life, so why not make it as special as possible? For beautiful weather, astounding beaches and a picture-perfect setting, more
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