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Five Star Septic Services & Portable Toilet Rentals, Portable Toilets, Services, Dry Ridge, Kentucky

Septic system problems require immediate service from experienced septic care professionals. For more than 10 years, Five Star Septic Service & Portable Toilet Rentals has been coming to the rescue of homeowners and businesses in Dry Ridge, KY with comprehensive septic services. Whether you just need regular septic maintenance or grease trucks and tanks pumped, they have the equipment and skills to take care of anything.

Their dedication to quality work and professionalism, along with their comprehensive services, has quickly made this company the leader in septic services. They even offer rentals of portable lavatories for construction sites, special events, and emergency use while your system is being repaired. Like all of the equipment used by Five Star Septic Service, the portable toilet rentals they provide are top-quality, guaranteed to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

In addition to their widely renowned expertise, technical ability, and customer service, they also strive to provide you with the most affordable rates possible. No one should have to live with a broken septic system; they will do anything they can to keep your household budget intact. Excellent septic care is worth its weight in gold, but doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

If your system needs some attention, call Five Star Septic Service & Portable Toilet Rentals at (859) 428-5444 to get a quote and more information.

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