Hawaii Kai, Hawaii

Crossfit Hawaii Kai

Crossfit Hawaii Kai

501 Kealahou St.
Honolulu, HI 96825
(808) 256-5665
Crossfit Hawaii Kai, Gyms, Health and Beauty, Honolulu, Hawaii

The best time to get serious about getting fit is now and the best place to start is at CrossFit Hawaii. With motivating, friendly coaches to help you kick-start and refine your CrossFit training, you'll be well on your way to a rewarding workout.

A nearly brand-new facility specializing in an innovative approach to health and fitness, CrossFit Hawaii boasts beautiful quarters and state-of-the-art CrossFit equipment. Established in 2008, this center is comprised of a dedicated team and fantastic-quality CrossFit classes. The helpful, accomplished coaches at Crossfit Hawaii work with each group or individual to master the mentality as well as the physical agility that is key in CrossFit training.

At its Downtown Honolulu location, you will find ample space for core-strengthening workouts with or without equipment. Heavy-duty medicine balls live amongst climbing ropes, yet each individual enjoys plenty of privacy and room to do CrossFit workouts on his or her own level.

CrossFit is as much a philosophy as it is a health and fitness regimen. CrossFit is an education in how to gain and maintain ultimate overall body strength. This requires practice in the form of demanding CrossFit exercises, a commitment to health and fitness and a fundamental understanding of what each level of training can accomplish.

CrossFit Hawaii caters to all ages, though kids and adults do not attend classes together. There are special events such as the CrossFit Kid Seminar to challenge, motivate and educate the youngest crossfit enthusiasts.

You can enjoy your first class at CrossFit Hawaii for free! Call (808) 256-5665 to schedule a visit. To learn more about the essence of CrossFit, check out their blog online.

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