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Steven A. Kumasaka, DDS

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Steven A. Kumasaka, DDS, Dentists, Health and Beauty, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Nothing shines brighter than a healthy smile! Whether you're in search of a new family dentist in Kaneohe or you want to improve upon your natural beauty with the help of veneers, Steven A. Kumasaka, DDS is happy to serve you, along with his accomplished team.

Steven Kumasaka is all about inclusion. His facility, while professional and efficient, is a true family-friendly environment. From toddlers to seniors, Steven and his fellow dentists have the wherewithal and the friendly disposition to take care of each patient with the unique approach and treatment they all deserve. Even their scheduling flexibility lends itself to the convenience of the family unit. With Saturdays and evenings open for scheduling, busy moms with school-aged children can easily find time to visit the dentist.

Steven A. Kumasaka is far more than a practicing dentist. With diverse skill and years of experience, he will just as soon take on a harrowing toothache as he will a teeth whitening session. Regular teeth cleaning will be done by a professional Dental Hygienist who can make a mouthful of teeth gleam while assessing their overall state. At the same time, a thorough dentist can work on inserting much-needed dental implants or securing preventive crowns.

Preventive dental work is just as important as urgent procedures. A painful root canal can be prevented years earlier if the tooth in question is closely maintained, cleaned and ultimately filled by an experienced dentist. Both children and adults are welcome to begin their preventive dental maintenance journey with the most welcoming dentist in Kaneohe.

Steven A. Kumasaka, DDS is readily accessible to existing and prospective patients alike. Reach his office by phone at (808) 247-2240 or by email, and start wearing a brand-new smile. 

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