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AMC Del Amo 18

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AMC Del Amo 18, Movie Theaters, Arts and Entertainment, Torrance, California

AMC Theatres operates over 300 movie theaters nationwide, welcoming over 200 million guests annually. Since Stanley Durwood opened the world's first multiplex theater back in 1963, the company has been recognized as both an industry leader, and an iconic destination for moviegoers. AMC is responsible for revolutionizing cinema, with a history of innovations that includes armchair cup holders and stadium seating.

AMC’s theaters operate on the foundational principal of excellent service. By focusing on the guest, the company continues to meet the ever-changing needs of their visitors, and enhance the overall cinematic experience. From concessions to new projection technologies, their movie theaters cultivate a delightful experience.

In 2011, AMC Theatres launched the first ever rewards program from a movie theater! AMC Stubs rewards program celebrates customer loyalty by giving back hard earned money and offering free concessions upgrades.

In addition to Dine-In Theaters with seat-side service, MacGuffin’s Bar and Lounge™, and brand new plush recliners in many of AMC’s cinemas, customer’s viewing experience is enhanced by:

  • RealD® 3D Presentation
  • Digital 4K-resolution by Sony Digital Cinema
  • ETX™ For Superior Audio & Projection
  • The Most IMAX® Exhibitions Worldwide

AMC Theatres creates a unique experience for moviegoers nationwide. The company serves their guests’ needs with private party rooms, Independent film exhibitions, gift cards, and sensory friendly films. Find out more about your local AMC theater online. You can also find convenient showtimes, information about AMC Stubs, and other fun cinematic programming.

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