Harrison, Arkansas

Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy

Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy

127 N Main St.
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 741-6511
Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy, Pharmacies, Health and Beauty, Harrison, Arkansas

At Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy in Harrison, AR, they believe your local pharmacy should be a place where the whole family is welcomed by name. Thus, their team strives to embody these ideals every day. Complete with compassion and unrivaled experience, this pharmacy provides excellent service and personalized care to residents throughout Boone County.   

From breast pumps for new mothers to mobility aids for the elderly, Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy offers a wide selection of health products for people from all walks of life. When it’s time for your child to go back to school, they also administer flu shots and immunizations, so you don’t have to worry about finding time to schedule an appointment with your family doctor. 

Additionally, they provide customers with an online drug database where they can search the current medications they are taking. With this option, it allows customers to become further informed about various ways they can maintain their health and well-being. When your prescriptions need to be refilled, or when they are ready for pickup, this pharmacy also offer email and text reminders, for added convenience.  

For a pharmacy that is truly dedicated to providing for their community, call Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy at (870) 741-6511 today. You can also visit their website for more on their featured products or to review your prescription history. 

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