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Natibuck Contracting, LLC, Home Improvement, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

Residential remodeling can be the source of a headache in the best of circumstances. For homeowners in Cincinnati and beyond, Natibuck Contracting, LLC comes to the rescue with professionalism, quality craftsmanship and a drive to deliver according to their promise.

Often, brand-new homeowners and those who wish to make major renovations to their home need full-scale residential remodeling. This includes a kitchen renovation, carpet installation or removal, a full bathroom remodel and even a deck renovation. Natibuck Contracting has been the guiding light of many major construction overhauls, and managing such a major remodeling effort is no strange feet for them. This small yet powerful contracting company has significant clout in the local construction industry. Whatever a project requires will be overseen, managed and completed from start to finish as per owner and founder, R. Lee Buckley Jr.

A family owned operation from the start, Natibuck Contracting employs only the best and most ingenious contractors in the Cincinnati area. Ranging from woodworkers to carpet specialists to talented Jacks-of-all-trades, Natibuck's crew delivers quality work in a timely manner, while keeping costs at a reasonable level. Their diverse backgrounds allow them to collaborate seamlessly, and their combined efforts produce supreme results.

Natibuck's owner himself has a diverse background in construction. He holds a degree in Civil engineering and brings 15 years of field experience in the industry to the table. This company was built on his vision of a contractor working hand-in-hand with a homeowner or business to create or customize a remodeling project from the initial estimate to the final appraisal. Natibuck is lead safe certified, fully-ensured and bonded, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and it is registered with the city of Cincinnati. 

For more information about Natibuck Contracting, LLC's residential remodeling services, such as interior and exterior painting, carpet removal and kitchen renovation, call (513) 377-6445. Visit the website for further details on services and previous projects.  

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