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Welcome to your auto collision repair shop located in Central Oahu.

Kilani Fender, Inc.

322 Palm Street
Wahiawa, HI 96786
(808) 621-4888
Kilani Fender, Inc., Auto Body Repair & Painting, Services, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Kilani Fender Inc. collision repair shop is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and employs only ICar and ASE certified technicians. It is a part of the Collision Repair Industry, which has been in business for 40 years, with the Central Oahu location servicing vehicles (from minor fender benders to major body collision repair) for the past 23 years. Kilani Fender, Inc. prides itself on being well informed and up-to-date on the latest technology and developments in auto body work.

Kilani Fender Inc. has been awarded the Best of Wahiawa Award in the Auto Body Repair Category five years in a row by the U.S. Commerce Association. This award is given for outstanding customer service and for “enhancing the image of small businesses”.

They offer the best quality work on all major car brands for a fair and competitive price. All the services that Kilani Fender, Inc. offers are covered by warranty. Some popular services include:

Repairs For Collision: Refinishing, Body & Frame Work, Frame & Suspension RepairCosmetic Repairs: 

Car Scratch Removal, Dent Repair, Restoration of headlampsWhile your vehicle is in the shop you will be able to go about your regular schedule without interruptions, as Kilani Fender Inc. will provide you with a loaner vehicle free-of-charge. This assistance will eliminate further inconvenience while you go to work, run errands, or handle any auto insurance claims that may have come about due to your collision or accident.

Visit the Kilani Fender Inc. website for a free estimate and call (808) 621-4888 to make an appointment today.

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