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Emerald City Medical Arts

Emerald City Medical Arts

16 Roy St
Seattle, WA 98109
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Emerald City Medical Arts, Family Doctors, Health and Beauty, Seattle, Washington

A warm and caring environment awaits patients of all ages at Emerald City Medical Arts in Seattle, WA. From primary care to infectious disease, their compassionate team is dedicated to providing complete health care that is community centered.

Emerald City Medical Arts is focused on delivering high-quality services for the entire family. From dermatology to ADHD treatments, their well-trained including primary care physicians conduct thorough medical exams to diagnose any chronic issues that may be afflicting you or a loved one. Their patients receive preventative care treatment as well as specialized care if the situation arises. Their mental health physicians are skilled in depression and addiction counseling for both adolescents and adults.

This medical clinic is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to house advanced technology. Whether you need laser dermatology for wart removal or intricate treatments for gastrointestinal diseases, their family practice has the knowledge and equipment to address all your medical concerns.

Emerald City Medical Arts is dedicated to improving the health of the general public through community-based events such as free laser skin treatments. Every doctor, nurse, and assistant at the medical clinic works hard to deliver personalized care for their patients. They pride themselves on being flexible and understanding, listening to your concerns to develop a sound medical plan.

Get expert treatments from the caring staff at Emerald City Medical Arts. Call the medical clinic today at (206) 281-1616 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for a complete list of services.

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