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Lar-Son and Sons Inc.

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Lar-Son and Sons Inc., Roofing Contractors, Services, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Nothing freshens up your property while also adding to its functionality quite like a new roof. For a roofing contractor with the experience necessary to properly install or repair this structure on your home or commercial building, contact Lar-Son and Sons Inc. Located in Rhinelander, WI, the family owned and operated business has proudly served area customers since 1940.

The fully insured company will go through all of the available options for your new roof and help you the material, style, and color that best fits your property and budget. Their team also repairs existing roofs, so if you just have a few shingles that need to be replaced or a leaky roof, they’ll get the job done quickly and correctly. But, that’s not their only specialty. The roofer’s services also include windows and siding to maintain your homes beautiful exterior from the ground up. 

When you need a new roof or other exterior upgrades to increase your property’s functionality and curb appeal, this skilled team will be ready to provide superior services at an affordable rate. Call Lar-Son and Sons Inc. at (715) 362-2769 for a free estimate.

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