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When you are in pain, your life seems to revolve around the ways to find lasting relief. For a natural remedy for pain, visit Heartland Family Chiropractic PLLC in Elizabethtown, KY. This comforting office and its compassionate staff have the equipment and expertise to assist with headaches, neck or back pain you may be experiencing. 

In practice for nearly 18 years, chiropractor Adam T. Fulkerson, D.C. takes pride in providing a natural way to help with headaches as well as neck or back pain. He will take the time to pinpoint exactly how your injury happened and develop a personalized treatment plan. No matter if you have recurring headaches or neck & back pain, Dr. Fulkerson, D.C. is dedicated to providing the best, most compassionate chiropractic care for his patients.

To assist you with your pain the natural way, without the use of medication or surgery call Heartland Family Chiropractic PLLC at (270) 234-8880. Call for the HEALTH of it. You can also visit the website for more on chiropractic care and its healing benefits.  

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