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PhytoSciences Consulting

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Considerable progress in the medical cannabis industry is being made every day. Severely ill patients who previously lacked options are now able to use pharmaceutical cannabis to soothe their ailments and stunt the progress of their respective diseases. PhytoSciences Consulting plays a significant role in this progression, both to benefit the medical cannabis consumer and cannabis manufacturer, as well as with research in general.

PhytoSciences is an ambitious laboratory startup founded by its president, Pritesh Kumar, and his small yet mighty crew of clinical research and development scientists. Their collective knowledge and determination promises to make continual strides in the advancement of this modern pharmaceutical concept. PhytoSciences is committed to arming both consumers and medical manufacturers with relevant information on existing cannabis products as well as current product development. Safety and effectiveness is in the forefront of this team's focus.

Cannabis extracting is one of the major steps in the preparation and manufacturing of medical cannabis. PhytoSciences is positioning itself as the global leader for the standardization of this practice, as well as that of cannabis-based therapeutics and distribution. With a firm belief in strict, well-informed regulations and consistent quality control, the PhytoSciences team is taking the medical cannabis industry by storm and bringing it up to par with the scientific studies that exhibit its benefits.

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