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Licensed by the Department of Human Services (DHS) and a ministry of the United Church of Christ-Judd Street, Pali Preschool is a supportive and compassionate preschool environment where you child can reach his or hers fullest potential. The preschool provides a learning environment for children between the ages of three and six in the Honolulu area. The philosophy behind this preschool is that early childhood education in a nurturing environment is key for a child’s future development.

Pali Preschool instills Christian values by encouraging children to practice sharing, acceptance, and caring in a safe atmosphere. Teachers use a preschool curriculum based around hands-on experience with appropriate activities that support both educational and developmental needs. This allows children at different cognitive, social, physical and emotional levels to learn and grow with positive self-esteem. Children will explore many things on their own with teachers close by to answer questions or provide interesting challenges.

Children learn by examining the world around them and using their listening skills to focus and observe places, people, and things. They are then able to voice their thoughts and feelings among trusted friends and teachers. Graduating from Pali Preschool means your child will be prepared for future learning and have the confidence and curiosity to excel in their studies. 

Children in the program go to weekly Chapel. Summer programs are available for older children, and after-school programs are offered in art, hula, computers and more.

Pali Preschool is where your child will learn to become a curious, caring and well-adjusted individual. Visit the website, email info@palipreschool.com, or call (808) 523-6495 today for more information. 

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