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Food, water, and shelter are essential for life. When the latter is compromised, you need it repaired and restored promptly. For residents and business owners in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, Interstate Roofing & Waterproofing located in Onalaska, WI, is available for commercial or industrial roofing services, including historical restorations. 

These roofers specialize in commercial properties and provide a range of options for customers including standing seam roofing, single-ply, built-up roofing, and steep slope. They have completed projects for elementary schools, retail stores, churches, office buildings, and much more. Only the highest-quality products are used from manufacturers like CertainTeed, Gaf®, Tamko® Building Products, EcoStar™, Ludowici®, and more. 

In addition to their commercial roofing services, they have expertise in restorations. If you live in a historical residence or are in need or a new roof for your historical building that your business is located in, their expert roofers can service it for you. They have completed work on mature courthouses, residences, and bed and breakfasts alike. 

For a company dedicated to providing their customers with the highest-quality services, contact the specialists at Interstate Roofing & Waterproofing today by calling (608) 783-2106 for a free estimate. You can also visit their website for more information, or like them on Facebook.

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