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A diamond ring is worth a fortune. Would you get one at any random store? Not if your local jewelry store happens to be Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers. This Bellevue, KY veteran has been the pinnacle of jewelry repair and trusted dealer of vintage jewelry since 1932. Though its staff has evolved over the years, its focus and quality has not.

In addition to stocking the finest jewelry, such as classic diamond earrings, bracelets and even diamond engagement rings, Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers specializes in appraising and repairing vintage watches. Such rare pieces as high-grade railroad watches can only be appraised and repaired by a select few jewelry stores with state-of-the-art restoration equipment. Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers is one such store!

Its expert staff complements the repair equipment and the goods it carries. Headed by Charlie Cleves, a third-generation master watchmaker, Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers employs only the most skilled and knowledgeable jewelry and watch specialists. The jewelry stores vast variety and prestige does not supersede its customer service, though. The staff is as friendly as it is distinguished, and informed purchases are made every day by aid of their friendly advice.

If you're ready to browse some engagement rings, look at the latest trend in necklaces or get your vintage watch repaired, stop by this one-in-a-million jewelry store. To see what they can offer you, call Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers at (859) 261-3636 or take a virtual sneak peek online.

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