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Hawaii Orthodontist serves children, teens and adults living in the Honolulu, Waipahu and Kunia areas with quality orthodontic care. Hawaii Orthodontist consists of Dr. Tammy Chang-Motooka, Dr. Shelliann Kawamoto and their team of support professionals.

Their care includes a variety of routine and specialized treatments. Their two-phase treatment combines tooth straightening and physical, facial changes to maximize the chance of accomplishing a healthy, functional and aesthetic result. Orthodontic surgery can be performed to correct severe oral issues, such as bad bites and jaw bone abnormalities. Invisalign® aligners and Clarity™ ceramic braces are advanced alternatives to traditional metal braces.

The doctors at Hawaii Orthodontist are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to continuing their education. You can trust these oral surgeons to be up to date on the latest changes and improvements in orthodontics and treatment modalities that result in an enhanced quality of care.

Patients who come to Hawaii Orthodontist become part of their family. The team strive to create an office that is fun and inviting, as well as providing high-quality orthodontic care. They are committed to doing everything they can to ensure each patient has an exceptional experience.

Find out what Hawaii Orthodontist can do for you! Call (808) 947-3737 or contact them online to schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation. You can also like them on Facebook.

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