Antelope Park, Nebraska

A-4 Animal Hospital

A-4 Animal Hospital

2780 South St.
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 475-2282
A-4 Animal Hospital, Animal Hospitals, Services, Lincoln, Nebraska

When searching for a veterinarian for your pet, you want someone who is compassionate and dedicated to their job. A-4 Animal Hospital serves pet owners in the Lincoln, NE, area with their expertise in birds, exotic animals, cats, and dogs.

A4- Animal Hospital works care and affection into every step of your pet’s treatment, whether they’re in for a more a routine checkup or more complicated procedure. Their compassionate staff administers vaccines, completes full workups for animal dentistry, and performs surgeries. Additionally, they have specialized knowledge involving reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. 

Your pet’s comfort and health are A-4 Animal Hospital’s top priorities — but some pets are a struggle to even get through the clinic’s doors. Make a house call to A-4 Animal Hospital and one of their vets will come to you, allowing your pet to receive expert medical attention from the comfort of their own home. If you’re planning for a trip but can’t bring your pet along, the animal hospital also offers boarding services. Rest assured they’ll be kept happy and comfortable — they’ll be surrounded by professionals.

For an animal hospital that is dedicated to providing care for all animals, whether reptilian or canine, contact the veterinarians at A-4 Animal Hospital at (402) 475-2282 to schedule an appointment. Visit their website for more information about services available to your pet. 

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