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Whether it affects your ability you do your job, or it disrupts your sleep cycle, chronic pain can infiltrate every aspect of your day. While many people seek out and often find relief from Chiropractic care, there may be additional underlying causes of pain that chiropractic visits can’t solve. At Dr. Suelane Do Ouro - New York Pain Relief Medicine located in New York City, Dr. Suelane Do Ouro offers a different approach to chronic pain management when other treatments render unsuccessful results.

She previously suffered from this pain, so she understands the daily hardships of those living with chronic pain. She has more than 13 years as an anesthesiologist and pain specialist at Beth Israel Hospital, and she’s a former associate director of the Pain Medicine Fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Every patient who visits her office can rest assured knowing she will exhaust all avenues of pain treatment to find an avenue that brings relief.

As a board-certified anesthesiologist and board eligible in pain medicine, she explores both interventional and pharmacological avenues to treat her patients’ chronic pain. Interventional methods to pain management usually involve procedures, such as joint injections and nerve blocks, while a pharmacological approach looks at the use of medication for pain relief.

If your chronic pain persists, despite your active search for relief, consider your next steps and visit the office of Dr. Suelane Do Ouro at New York Pain Relief Medicine. Her extensive background in groundbreaking pain management solutions has proven to help minimize the pain for those who are at a loss for solutions. To start your journey to a pain-free life call (646) 329-6585 or visit their website today!

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