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Major Fire Protection Corp

Major Fire Protection Corp

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When fires start abruptly, you need the tools and equipment to keep yourself and others safe. For residents in the Long Island City, NY, area, Major Fire Protection Corp provides fire protection equipment to keep you prepared for the unexpected. 

These specialists have worked for nearly 22 years, bringing customers dependable fire prevention products that ensure the security of every client. As part of their safety precautions, they offer different classes of fire extinguishers. The classes range from A to K.

Each extinguisher can take on different fires based on the agent in them. Class A takes down fires on cloth, paper, and plastics whereas class D is used in factories to extinguish flames on metal. The class K Wet Chemical Extinguishers are the most reliable, and they’re recommend for restaurant kitchens. 

Finding ways to fight kitchen fires before they start is ideal. The protection specialists at this company are licensed and certified mechanics with the skills to clean any range hood. Cleaning range hoods allow for grime and grease to be eliminated. With regular range hood cleanings, the chance that a fire will start is drastically decreased. 

They also sell an array of fire accessories including fire signs for your business, smoke detectors, brackets, exit and emergency lights, and cabinets. 

When you need complete protection from various fire-related incidents, contact the specialists at Major Fire Protection Corp today by calling (718) 784-5380. You can also visit their website for more information about the maintenance and services they offer.