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The Law Office Of Daniel Fulmer, Defense Attorneys, Services, Rochester, New York

If you’re being charged with a traffic violation, your livelihood is on the line. For a dedicated, skilled, and reputable attorney in Rochester, NY, turn to The Law Office Of Daniel Fulmer. Their lawyers offer premier legal defense and 24-7 counsel. They will fight for your rights with confidentiality and compassion and ensure your case is handled the right way for the best possible outcome. 

For over 20 years, lawyer Daniel Fulmer has been successfully defending clients and providing expert advice. Before starting his own practice, he served as a trial attorney in which he handled hundreds of hearings. With his background in DWI and Traffic Law defense cases, clients will receive experienced and knowledgeable representation.  

Whether you have been pulled over for a minor violation, like a speeding ticket, or a more serious offense, like driving while drunk, their lawyers will navigate the complexities of the law to find the best process for your situation. They are committed to learning every facet and detail of your charges to ensure your rights aren’t violated.

If you received a ticket, but don’t live in the town where you got it, their lawyers will negotiate on your behalf to get a notarized affidavit. This document allows their attorneys to make court appearances for you. 

For a defense attorney who will fight for your rights when it comes to any DWI, OVI, or traffic violation, reach out to The Law Office Of Daniel Fulmer. Call (585) 454-2050 for a free initial consultation or visit their website for more information on the services offered. 

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