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If you’re forced to use a fire extinguisher in your place of business, you want to know that you have the right equipment to put the fire out quickly and keep everyone safe. Fire Protection Specialists provides businesses in the Bangor, WI, area with up-to-date equipment and cleaning services for any fire related issue. They’re dedicated to the security of their clients.

As each fire begins differently, the fire extinguishers used to put out fires were different — until now. This company provides extinguishers with an ABC rating, meaning they can be used on any fire. They sell Ansul® and Amerex® brands, with full service on any maintenance and repair for the future. 

They also provide clean agent systems for when a fire has struck fragile items such as computers, IT equipment, antiques, or art. These clean agent systems are not conductive, volatile, or gaseous, and they don’t leave the residue that typical extinguishers do when they evaporate, resulting in minimal damage. 

Their certified technicians stay up to the cleaning and inspections standards with NFPA®-96, International Mechanical Code and International Fire Code. These standards make restaurant owners feel confident knowing someone from Fire Protection Specialists performs an exhaust hood cleaning. 

For complete protection from any fire-related incident, call the experts at Fire Protection Specialists today at (800) 658-9463. You can also visit their website for more information about their various services. 

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