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Executive Electric has been a pioneer in the electrical contracting field since 1995. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas, provides LED lighting, outdoor lighting, electrical wiring, and various other services to give you power for life. No matter what kind of service your home, business, or store needs, you will receive the benefit of a highly trained and professional technician.

Whether you simply need a circuit breaker replaced or you require a more complex job like the design and installation of an entire electrical system, you can count on the fully licensed and insured business to complete your project in an efficient and professional manner.

In addition to quality work, Executive Electric is also dedicated to providing competitive prices for every job. So when you’re renovating your home or constructing a new business complex, you’ll receive exterior lighting and all other electrical necessities at an affordable price. There is no job too big or small for the skilled technicians at the most trusted electrical company in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati areas.

Visit Executive Electric online or call (859) 578-9955 to arrange an appointment or to discover more information about their services.

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