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Elite Gymnastics

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If you’re Looking for a way to keep your children active, Elite Gymnastics in Hawthorne, NJ, is a one of-a-kind facility replete with two gyms, an art room, swimming pool, spring floor exercise area, and rock wall. They’ve been proudly serving the community for over 40 years.

They offer an array of classes and programs to satisfy all of your child ‘s interests. These include:

  • Gymnastics (ages 3 and up): Students will strengthen their motor skills, coordination, and awareness on the tumble track and foam pit. As their skills improve, they’ll advance through the stages of the program, so they always stay challenged and motivated.   

  • Swimming (6 months and up): These classes are structured to progress in difficulty, building in stages from previous lessons. Your little one will learn breathing techniques, and how to stay afloat before advancing to swimming styles. 

  • Martial Arts (ages 3 to 11): Better known as the ninja zone, these classes include a combination of martial arts and gymnastics. Students learn coordination skills, discipline, and strength from a series of fast-paced runs, tumbles, and obstacle courses.

  • Rock Climbing (ages 3 and up): If your child is adventurous and loves to climb trees, then this is the perfect choice for them. Reaching heights of 25 feet, students can test their skills at rock climbing regardless of their experience level, in a safe environment. 

Elite Gymnastics also offers opportunities for families to partake in events together with “mommy and me” fitness classes and “evening swims.” You can treat your kid to an exciting trampoline-filled birthday party, or enroll them in summer camp.

If you’re looking to excite your child about staying active, come to Elite Gymnastics and join the fun. They serve Passaic and Bergen County and the surrounding areas. Call (973) 423-4040 to speak with a staff member today. For information about class schedules, age requirements, and rates you can visit them on their website.

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