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 Fit MD Wheat Ridge, Weight Loss, Health and Beauty, Wheat Ridge, Colorado

From medical weight loss programs to anti-aging treatments, the expert team at Fit MD in Wheat Ridge, CO, are dedicated to helping patients look and feel young. The clinic provides high-end amenities and exceptional services for clients across Jefferson County.

Fit MD offers a variety of weight control services, including liposuction technology and prescription appetite suppressants to form personalized treatment solutions. Their skilled nutritionists will develop meal plans to help individuals hit their target goals quickly. They also work with female clients to restore hormone levels that have been depleted over the years through replacement therapy, which can also result in weight loss.

Anti-aging services are another specialty at Fit MD. Men and women can take advantage of Botox® injections, which relax the muscles responsible for inducing wrinkles. Their staff also offers advanced wrinkle removal, using FDA approved Restylane® Injections. These enhance the areas of skin which have deep folds, including lines around the nose and mouth.

At Fit MD, their compassionate and well-trained staff cares about the overall health and comfort of every patient. They make it a priority to conduct thorough consultations, during which they listen to your questions and concerns. At this time, they’ll also provide you with a detailed explanation of each program, treatment, and medication, so you know what to expect.  

If you’re ready to become the best version of yourself, let the professional staff at Fit MD assist you in your weight loss journey. Call today at (602) 777-2636 to schedule an appointment with one of their team members, or visit them online to find a location near you.  


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