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Paradise Self Storage

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Storing your valuables away from your home is a tough decision to come to. Whether your home is just too small to contain your treasures or you're in the midst of a transition, a public self storage option either never comes to mind or is met with ambivalence and trepidation. Rest assured that your storage unit is safe and sound when you rent a space from Paradise Self Storage.

At Paradise Self Storage in Kahului, Maui, you are treated like extended Ohana, and in Hawaii, family treasures each other's valuables as if they were their own. As one of Maui's most trusted storage facilities, Paradise Self Storage knows the true meaning of family. It was established in 2006 as a family owned business.

Its high-tech storage units featured within a three-story facility offer the ultimate level of security. It is one of a handful of storage facilities with a gated entrance. Once you do advance beyond its gates, you can access your storage unit via an electronic access code, eliminating the need for old-fashioned manual keys. Each of the 10 ft. tall steel storage units is equipped with individual alarms that will alert the facility at the slightest sign of an intruder.

Paradise Self Storage goes beyond providing just your storage unit; like an extended family, they pitch in to make moving your belongings just a bit smoother. They are happy to provide you with package supplies such as moving boxes, and their heavy-duty carts are also at your disposal to bring your belongings into an upstairs unit. Simply grab up several of their boxes for sale, pack your belongings, and load them onto one of their two passenger/cargo elevators. 

At Paradise Self Storage, you can feel right at home, knowing your belongings are stowed away safely and in the hands of family. To learn more about your self storage options, call (808) 877-7783 or visit Paradise Self Storage online.

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