Gulf Shores, Alabama

Mojos Seafood & Chicken

Mojos Seafood & Chicken

1220 Gulf Shores Pkwy.
Gulf Shores, AL 36547
(251) 948-8646
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Ten years ago, three friends created a seafood restaurant designed with a relaxed vibe and a connection to the community. Mojo’s Seafood & Chicken serves customers throughout Gulf Shores, AL, with friendly service and a food delivery service seven days a week. 

Their menu is complete with various seafood items including crab bites, a shrimp po’boy sandwich, and their specialty Mozilla sandwich with blackened fish, Mojo-hot shrimp, and key west slaw topped with tartar sauce. They also have a Caribbean shrimp salad, fish taco, or shrimp wrap. For the chicken lovers of the world, they have a chicken tender dinner as well as various chicken sandwiches, wraps and salads. Each chicken wing or tender also has the option of being topped with sauces including hot, honey BBQ, island BBQ, Parmesan garlic, sweet heat, or mango habanero.   

This restaurant has a strong connection to the community where they’ve lived and donated over $20,000 to the Boedecker Foundation. The money raised helps with scholarships and young entrepreneur programs, enabling children in the area to have the opportunities to own a restaurant someday.

Not only are they committed to the community, but the environment as well. Their delivery service brings lunch or dinner to customers in their marked MoJo Smart cars. 

For a restaurant with local ties and a laid back feel, contact Mojo’s Seafood & Chicken at (251) 948-8646. You can also visit their website for more information and to view the menu, or like them on Facebook.

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