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If you’ve lost a loved one, you might not be sure who to turn to. The team at Whitley’s Funeral Home in Kannapolis, NC, is honored to be a source of support for family and friends in Rowan and Cabarrus Counties. Originally founded in 1913 as a furniture store that expanded to include caskets, they are now a full-service funeral home and remain family owned and operated.

Their team provides a variety of funeral services and will help you plan every detail to ensure the service celebrates the individuality of your loved one. From a traditional service to cremation services, their friendly staff is available to ensure everything runs smoothly. They’ll guide guests to the correct area as they arrive for the service and will be there for anything you need leading up to and following the service.

If you’ve thought about funeral pre-planning, Whitley’s Funeral Home is ready to assist. There are several benefits to making your funeral arrangements ahead of time, from cost savings to reducing your family members’ responsibilities during their time of mourning. You can also be sure that you receive the type of service you desire.

When you need to plan a funeral service, their team of compassionate, caring individuals is ready to help. From the first days after your loved one’s passing to the time of healing following the service, they’re available to offer the support and guidance you need. Call Whitley’s Funeral Home at (704) 933-2222, or contact them online for more information.

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