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More than 35 years of auto body and collision repair experience.

Benton Auto Body

730 A Werne Dr.
Lexington, KY 40504
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Benton Auto Body, Auto Body, Services, Lexington, Kentucky

A car accident is a treasure chest of problems - a sure source of distress. Benton Auto Body is a diamond in the ruff when car accidents occur in the Lexington, KY area and auto restoration is the obvious next step back to "normal."

For more than 35 years this humble auto body shop has been in the business of auto body work and collision repair in the Greater Lexington area. Through the years unfortunate victims of car collisions have turned into grateful Benton Auto Body customers, and they continue to watch as, one by one, their luck turns for the better through stellar bumper repair, fiberglass repair and even paintless dent repair.

Benton Auto Body is always eager to make the aftermath of each customer's car collision a kinder, smoother transition. Since badly damaged vehicles are difficult and expensive to transport, this auto body repair shop offers towing as one of its services. Also, the kind crew at Benton Auto Body will work with any insurance agency to get each customer back up and running for the cheapest out-of-pocket expense in the quickest possible timeframe.

Benton Auto Body provides collision repair that is specifically tailored to each individual circumstance. From the simplest auto paint job to the most complex fiberglass repairs, Benton's veteran crew will take care of it with utmost care and efficiency.

To learn more about its collision repair services, call (859) 258-9842 or visit Benton Auto Body online

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