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Since 1983, Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. has provided first-rate plumbing services to homes and businesses in Cincinnati and throughout the Tri-State area. They are licensed master plumbers specializing in new construction, home remodels, and plumbing repair services. They are also highly experienced in sewer and drain cleaning, sump pump maintenance and backhoe services.

When you call Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. out, you’ll get service from a long-time employee with years of experience, able to quickly and effectively handle any plumbing problem you might have, from broken garbage disposals to leaking toilets. They charge a minimum of one hour for each call, but if your repair takes less time you can ask the plumber to take a look at other minor problems. This makes sure you get what you pay for, but can also help prevent major problems down the road.

Whether you just need a leaky faucet fixed, or are planning on having a whole new system installed, Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. will deliver the most reliable plumbing services in town. They are a registered installer of water and sewer laterals and backflow prevention testers.

For prompt, reliable service from our experienced plumbers, call Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. at (513) 941-6766.

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Spring brings rain that can wreck your basement, causing damage to your belongings and leaving you with mold and mildew. Fortunately, a reliable sump pump will prevent water buildup more
If you’re tired of dealing with mounting water heater repairs or an aging unit, consider purchasing a new one. Tankless water heaters are a popular option and could more
Sump pumps are typically in the basement, which is prone to freezing in the winter. As a result, your pump can also freeze, causing severe problems such as flooding or mold growth. more
A plunger is a household essential that comes in handy during unexpected plumbing emergencies. When it comes to proper drain cleaning, however, using the right more
When you’re trying to take a relaxing shower after a long day, it is irritating to watch the water rise around your ankles. In this case, you likely have a clogged drain. While you more
Water heaters provide hot water for all your hygiene, dishware, and clothing washing. Typically, most homeowners will need to contact a plumbing company to more
Bathrooms are one of the most-used rooms in a home. Before you hire a plumbing company for an installation job, you need to make smart choices in regards to what type of more
One of the most frustrating things you can encounter in home maintenance is when there’s something wrong with your plumbing and you don’t know what it is. For years, inspecting more
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Garbage disposals offer a way to get rid of organic waste, so it’s not sitting in the garbage, creating a bad smell. This appliance is integrated into the plumbing and more
Toilets are only meant to handle human waste and toilet paper. However, that doesn’t stop some people from treating them like trash cans and disposing of other objects. To keep your more
While the toilet is a widely used fixture, its water usage goes largely unnoticed. It’s not that people don’t realize water flushes down the drain — it’s that the device consumes more
Transforming your outdated bathroom into a relaxing oasis can be expensive, but that’s not always the case. Depending on what you upgrade or update, bathroom remodeling is more
Clogged drains can be minor or a complete disaster. Either way, how you handle them can make the difference in whether you can resolve the issue on your own or if you will need a more
Many homeowners might be more than willing to roll up their sleeves and try to fix problems when they encounter issues. Unfortunately, even making simple errors more
Frozen pipes are an unfortunate common side effect of winter’s bitter chill. Falling temperatures can cause exposed plumbing to ice over, causing water inside to freeze, expand, more
It can be easy to forget about your sump pump, given that it’s buried in your basement. But without the right preparation and sump pump maintenance, your unit will inevitably more
Your water heater is one of the main comforts in your home, providing hot water for tubs, showers, and appliances. When it breaks down, you need prompt water heater repair. But more
Winter weather can cause significant damage to water pipes, including those attached to outdoor faucets. By not taking the necessary precautions to protect your outdoor more
As an incredibly convenient residential plumbing appliance, garbage disposals allow homeowners to easily remove solids from wastewater. However, without proper care and maintenance, more
Seniors enjoy 10% off of hourly rate jobs. *restrictions apply   Call for details! read more
Plumbing leaks in your home not only cause water damage to walls, ceilings, and assorted household items, but they also create welcome environments for mold and mildew. Fungi need more
From rich history to interesting architectural details, there are several reasons to live in an older house. Depending on when the structure was built, it might need plumbing more
Backflow prevention devices are put in place to protect the clean water supply in both residential and commercial buildings. A licensed plumber will need to test that system once a more
If it fits down the drain, then it should be okay to pour it out, right? Well, that's seldom the case. According to the team at Joe Klosterman Plumbing in Cincinnati, OH, the main more
If you’ve recently become a homeowner for the first time, you’ll face some new and unfamiliar situations in the coming years. The ability to navigate these challenges with ease more
As the winter thaw starts to melt away snow and ice, the cold weather may have affected your home’s plumbing. To get ahead of potential problems, spring is the time to more
Your plumbing is responsible for keeping your drinking and bathing water clean and clear. However, it is a finite system that will eventually wear out. It can age even faster more
This winter has been exceptionally cold in many parts of the country. If you’re like most people, you may be concerned about how it will affect your residential plumbing system. more
Do you know when it’s time to replace the water line? While you could wait for a major leak to make an appearance, there are other early indicators that could save you from more
A cold winter can be rough on residential plumbing, especially in less insulated parts of your home like the basement, garage, or lower level. As you prepare your home for the more
Also known as iron oxide, rust is a coating that forms on iron or steel. It has the potential to get into your water through piping, and—while it doesn’t pose a health hazard— more
Certain types of pests can be attracted to your home as a direct response to specific plumbing issues. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to recognize different kinds of leaks more
From old fixtures to frozen water lines, the need for plumbing repairs can arise for a variety of reasons. While some of these are unavoidable, others can be monitored and more
No one wants it to happen, but clogged toilets are an unfortunate part of life. Only to make matters worse, sometimes they will even start to overflow. If you want to stop the more
In an ideal world, no one would put off repairs of any kind — you’d schedule plumbing repairs, along with other necessary work, quickly and without delay. The reality, though, is more
When functioning correctly, your home's sump pump protects the home from flooding. These systems do occasionally need repairs or replacements, but you can avoid catastrophic more
Plumbing emergencies are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, most issues can be resolved relatively quickly. Joe Klosterman Plumbing has served the Greater Cincinnati more
There’s nothing like getting the keys to a new home, but before you sign on the dotted line, there are a number of plumbing concerns to consider. To avoid dealing with plumbing more
Sewer line backups are caused by an obstruction in your sewer line or the local sewage system. When experienced regularly, Joe Klosterman Plumbing in Cincinnati, OH, suggests more
Your sump pump was installed in your house to protect your structure from water damage. If it stops working, there’s a high risk that your home’s foundation is being exposed to more
Spring is the perfect time to take care of some basic home maintenance. We all know it’s time for a deep clean around the house, but have you thought about sump pump maintenance? If more
They say April showers bring May flowers, but heavy rains can also bring a host of hassles, including damage to your pipes and plumbing. Joe Klosterman Plumbing has been the more
With spring weather upon us, you might already be compiling a list of things to do around the home, and the professionals from Joe Klosterman Plumbing in Cincinnati, more
There are a wide variety of chemicals on the market for consumers to do their own drain cleaning, skipping a call to the plumber and using inexpensive store-bought products instead. more
On a cold winter day, few things are more frustrating than waking up to a shower that won’t work or a sink that won’t drain. Unfortunately, if your pipes have frozen, a halted more
There are many ways cold weather can wreak havoc on a property. One particularly precarious situation you may find yourself in is when temperatures drop significantly low and more
Having a kitchen faucet that doesn’t work properly can be extremely frustrating, causing a major disruption in your day-to-day life. From making the morning pot of coffee to more
No one enjoys having to deal with a flooded basement, which is why many homes across the nation have sump pumps installed. But what happens if the power goes out and the sump pump more
Unless you're paying close attention, it's easy to gloss over the common signs of a dying water heater. But missing out on these signs can lead to damage and disruption, so it's more
As the cold season intensifies, the low temperatures have the potential to cause problems for your plumbing infrastructure. Working with a reliable plumber is a smart way to protect more
Whether you are concerned about the environmental impact of water waste or are trying to save some money on your utility bills each month, you may be considering switching to a more
Your home's sewer line transports the waste and greywater you generate to the underground sewer main, where it is swept away and made safe again at a wastewater treatment plant. But more
Clean water is essential for any household, which is why it’s important to ensure the water you’re drinking is of the highest quality. Quite often, for one reason or another, more
Falling leaves and changing colors are some of the big reasons why people love autumn. But for homeowners, it’s important to be on the lookout for leaves, especially if they more
If you live in an older home, there’s a good chance your plumbing is due for replacement. By hiring a professional plumber to take a closer look at your system, you can more
Dripping faucets and leaky showerheads may not look as serious as a clogged drainage system or damaged roof, but ignoring small leaks now can cause huge problems and expensive more
If you have a landscaped yard or pool, the outside drain plays an important role in ensuring water channels stay away, helping to prevent flooding, erosion, and property damage. more
When you’re shopping for a new house, it’s usually easy to tell if it needs new flooring, appliances, cabinets, or a fresh coat of paint. However, it may not be as easy to tell if a more
The residents of the Cincinnati area can rest assured they’ll always have an experienced plumber they can turn to when they need plumbing repairs. For more than 33 years, Joe more
When it comes to home maintenance, there seems to be an endless list of tasks that need to be taken care of. But in the midst of all those activities, have you ever stopped to more
Everyone enjoys a lovely summer storm, but the local team from Joe Klosterman Plumbing wants to remind all of their Cincinnati Tri-state area customers that after a more
A dripping faucet or a pipe with a tiny leak may not seem like a big deal, but it can turn into a large problem rather quickly. Joe Klosterman Plumbing in Cincinnati, Ohio, has more
It’s commonly thought that if you’re renting a property, you don’t need to worry about plumbing problems. — but that’s not really true. Sure, sometimes a landlord will fix an issue more
For first-time homeowners, plumbing problems such as faucet leaks, clogged drains, and basement floods can be the stuff of nightmares. Keep in mind that your plumbing system more
As summer approaches, your home's water consumption rises. Whether it's due to taking more frequent showers, using the sprinkler regularly, or drinking more water, you may see a more
We’ve all gone through it — we encounter a plumbing problem at home, get inspired to fix it ourselves, and end up failing or making the problem even worse than it originally was. more
Serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas since 1983, Joe Klosterman Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business that provides quality plumbing repair. In addition, more
Garbage disposals are a convenient part of many kitchens. But if it's been a while since your last drain cleaning, they can make a kitchen have a bad odor! If yours is starting to more
For more than 30 years, Joe Klosterman Plumbing has provided dedicated residential plumbing services throughout Cincinnati, OH, and beyond. As an experienced family-owned and more
There are certain plumbing repair problems you tend to specifically associate with winter weather, and frozen pipes fall within this category. However, the experts at Joe more
Have you noticed any leaks in your home’s toilets or faucets? While the problem may seem small enough to ignore for now, it can cause greater damage down the road without timely more
Is there anything more frustrating than a clogged drain or pipe? No one wants to be ankle-deep in bath water, and a backed-up kitchen sink can make it impossible to cook and get the more
Everybody's been there. The sink’s backed up, the toilet’s clogged, or the shower won’t drain. But rather than picking up the phone and calling a plumber, many people dive under the more
Dealing with a clogged drain can be a hugely frustrating experience. However, there are a few tricks you can try before picking up the phone to call a plumber. more
Unseasonably warm or fluctuating winter temperatures can lull you into a state of complacency when it comes to winterizing your homes. But it can all come crashing down when you more
As the weather gets colder, having access to hot water becomes more important. Your water heater works hard to provide hot water, and like any other appliance in your home, it more
During a harsh winter, the water in your pipes can easily freeze, and since water expands as it freezes, this can lead to broken or damaged pipes. The plumbers at Joe more
Ohio's tough winters are hard, especially for your plumbing system. When the weather dips below freezing, even a small problem can quickly develop into a major disaster, so follow more
2016 is here, which means it's time to think about improving your life. While you may not always achieve all of your New Year's Resolutions, you can completely reinvent your kitchen more
As the temperatures continue to dip, you’ve probably put some thought into preparing for the cold months. Putting up those storm windows, pulling out your heavier layers of clothing, more
If your water heater has been giving you a little (or a lot) of trouble lately, you may be due for a repair or replacement. But how do you know what to choose, and why? Luckily, more
With water freezing and thawing all winter long, plus a heightened demand for hot water, your pipes go under a lot of stress this time of year. However, there are plenty of things more
Joe Klosterman Plumbing has become synonymous throughout Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding Tri-state area for expert plumbing repair and incredible customer service. This more
If your toilet is draining slowly, it might be a simple fix or an indicator of a major problem, like a clog in your main plumbing line. In that case, it’s time to call in the toilet more
Fall is a wonderful time. The leaves change. The air gets cooler. And the holidays sneak up on the unsuspecting. Unfortunately, the fall also brings with it a lot of fallen leaves, more
When the weather gets colder, you need to prepare your hoses and outdoor faucets for the winter. The cold weather can damage hoses and outside spigots that are not properly more
Rainy season may mean running your sprinkler irrigation system less if at all, but it also can result in unknown leaks. Rather than discovering a leak only after receiving a costly more
The arrival of fall means an increase in storms, so now is a good time to clean the debris from your outdoor drains and gutters. Joe Klosterman Plumbing has been providing more
Plumbing problems are never pleasant, and left unchecked can leave you standing in a foot of your living room. Rather than putting off plumbing repair, understand the more
To be frank, most people probably aren't that fascinated with plumbing, its history, or anything about it. It's one of those things people won't really think about until the toilet more
Seemingly minor, undiagnosed leaks and drips can add up to major shock when the monthly water bill comes due. Common culprits include running toilets, leaky faucets, and shower more
Bad plumbing can only get worse. The longer your procrastinate, the more expensive your repairs will become, which is why it's important to be proactive at the first sign of more
If you use your outdoor hose often during the summer, it’s important to inspect the hose bibb—the outdoor faucet to which you connect your garden hose—for leaks and repair them more
Storm drains can be a godsend when they are working properly. A good area well drain will keep storm water runoff flowing smoothly away from your property and back out into ditches, more
Heavy rains can do a number on your house, and when the heavens open up, you can be sure that much of the deluge will head straight for your basement.Times like this call for more
Cold showers can be torture!  If you're having problems with your hot water heater, it sounds like you need to find the right plumbing company.  Based out of Cincinnati, more
Clogged sinks and showers are irksome, frustrating, and easily preventable. Take it from Joe Klosterman Plumbing, a family owned plumbing business that has truly seen it all, more
Drain systems are an integral part of every residential and commercial establishment. Homeowners and businesses rely on them to efficiently dispose of water waste in a clean more
Nothing good results when a faucet leaks. Water is our most precious resource, making it imperative to conserve the vital liquid whenever possible. Just one leaking faucet wastes an more
Nothing goes from “slight problem” to “major emergency” like a plumbing repair! When water is leaking, there’s no time to wonder about what could have been done to prevent the more
If you thought that turning off the water to your outside hose bibs is all it took to put you in the clear as far as your winter plumbing safety goes, the the pros at Joe Klosterman more
It's easy to take plumbing for granted—that is, until something goes wrong and you're left with no water, backed-up drains, and expensive plumbing repair bills. Luckily, many pipe more
The days are getting longer, the temperatures are climbing, and it’s safe to say that after a long winter, summer is not far off. But, as you’re getting your backyard ready for more
Plumbing problems have a reputation for being extremely inconvenient; the system is absolutely essential to a home, and while we may take it for granted, there are many things that more
There are several things anyone can do to stay one step ahead of plumbing problems before they even begin. Though major plumbing repair should always be undertaken by a professional, more
When your drain clogs, do you immediately reach for that bottle of Drano®? Joe Klosterman Plumbing, a family owned and operated plumbing company that's accredited with the BBB, more
Sewer backup is a homeowner’s nightmare. From the extended inconvenience to the cost of plumbing repair, the entire ordeal can be one long headache. In the event of a sewer backup, more
A well-functioning sump pump can mean the difference between a dry basement and a basement that's costing you thousands of dollars in damage to your home. A sump pump is vital part more
In addition to causing massive frustration, plumbing problems can also lead to severe water damage if they are not immediately addressed. If you require sump pump maintenance or more
As a Family owned and operated local plumbing company we have been proudly serving the Cincinnati area for over 30 years. In our time in the business, we have seen good more
Dealing with plumbing issues is often a frustrating task. Whether you’re in need of faucet repair or sump pump maintenance, you can count on the professionals at Joe Klosterman more
The temperature is dropping, and like many homeowners, you might find yourself wondering if you’re doing all you can to protect your home’s plumbing throughout the winter season.& more
The winter freeze is upon us, which means it’s time to dig out the heavy coats and weather-strip the doors. But while you’re winterizing your home, don’t neglect the pipes! Cold more