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When you need roof repair or installation, hire a contractor that has your best interests in mind. Located in Martindale, TX, AAA Roofing has provided honest and reliable service to residential and commercial customers in Hays and Caldwell County for over 45 years.

From installing new shingles or a metal roof, to repairing an existing roof after storm damage, to addressing old wear and tear, their team has the expertise necessary to complete the job efficiently with minimal interruptions to your daily life. These roofers will ensure the job is done right the first time, whether you’re in a new home or need renovations.

You have several roofing options, so let the professional roofers help you choose the best material, color, and style for your home. They know staying on budget is important and they’ll make sure your selection fits your wallet and your preferences. If you’re purchasing a new home, they’ll also complete an inspection to determine if the present roof needs any repair work done before moving in.

Dedicated to total customer satisfaction, their roofers will answer any questions you have to ensure you’re comfortable with the work they perform. They will always treat you and your property with respect, and thoroughly clean up when they complete the job.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau®, the company has built their reputation by providing superior services at an affordable rate. Call AAA Roofing at (512) 558-2225 for an estimate.

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