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Leland Self Storage

1218 West Gate Dr.
Leland, NC 28451
(910) 399-4719
Leland Self Storage, Self Storage, Services, Leland, North Carolina

Are you running out of space at your home? Are your belongings piling up with nowhere to store them? If this sounds like your home, let Leland Self Storage handle the mess. Located in Leland, NC, this new facility offers high-quality storage units to fit your every need. Whether you need temporary holding during a move or a place to put old furniture and heirlooms, they have a perfect fit for you.

At Leland Self Storage, they take the trust you put in them to protect your storage unit and its contents very seriously. With their staff’s 40 years of experience in the storage business, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are in capable hands. 

When you choose to store your belongings at Leland Self Storage, you get not only a clutter-free home but also peace of mind. Their entire facility has a state-of-the-art security system that provides numerous layers of protection and is monitored around the clock. In addition to safe and secure grounds, Leland Self Storage provides climate-controlled units that come in a variety of sizes, convenient access hours, and hassle-free reservations. Being a one-stop-shop, they even sell the supplies you need to store your items safely including boxes, tape, furniture covers, and bubble wrap.

When your possessions start to take over your home, or you need quality storage options during a big move, let Leland Self Storage provide a reliable solution. Call  910 399 4719 today and receive your first month free. For more on storage unit sizes and availability, visit them online.

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