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Are you a bit overwhelmed when it comes to the financial planning of your future? Maybe you know a thing or two about wealth management and want to make sure your retirement planning is on track to secure a sound future for you and your family. For questions or concerns such as these, LFS Asset Management's team of experienced and reputable financial planners offers you a complimentary consultation.

LFS Asset Management's services include:

  • retirement planning
  • tax preparation and planning
  • estate planning 
  • employee stock options planning
  •  IRA legacy planning
  • and much more!

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and serving the Peninsula, Silicon Valley and San Francisco, LFS Asset Management is a full-service wealth management firm committed to customer satisfaction. By coordinating financial strategies with tax planning and estate conservation, LFS Asset Management uses a fully integrated approach to ensure their clients receive the best direction possible.

LFS Asset Management consists of a team of qualified and experienced financial planners led by CEO John Lau. Lau is a published author and was also named the "Green Beret of IRA" by the renowned Ed Slott in his book "Parlay Your IRA Into a Family Fortune." Furthermore, Lau was named one of the "Ten Most Trustworthy Wealth Managers in Northern California" by a survey conducted in 2006 in Southwest Airline's Spirit Magazine.

John Lau works hard to uphold the reputation he and his company have built, pledging "that everyone on our team will do what is necessary to ensure your experience with LFS Asset Management is positive and outstanding." Indeed, LFS Asset Management has become one of the premiere wealth management companies in the Bay Area.

For more information on LFS Asset Management's financial planners, guarantees, and services please visit their website today! To schedule your complimentary consultation with this esteemed wealth management company, click here. LFS Asset Management is here for you, every step of the way.

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