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Build-up from mold, dirt and dust often gets trapped inside HVAC systems over time and indoor air quality can quickly turn harmful. While bad air quality can be detrimental to one’s health, few seem to realize the culprit of poor health could be a poorly functioning ventilation system.

If you have symptoms that appear to have no root cause, contact Vent Busters. Located in Charleston, SC, these clean air advocates help members of the surrounding community breath cleaner air with their vent cleaning solutions.

Serving both commercial and residential customers, Vent Busters provides cleaning, maintenance and repairs on just about any type of HVAC system. Using an industrial grade vacuum and brushes, they efficiently and effectively remove particles and pathogens attached to the walls and lining of your air vents, as well as the supply and return ducts. Additional services include professional air quality inspections, HVAC cleaning, air duct repair and boot sealing to keep air from escaping. They also perform dryer vent cleaning and offer other vent cleaning solutions to help prevent lint buildup and potential fire hazards.

Don’t wait until your system is overdue for a good cleaning before making an appointment. Be proactive about the air you breathe by calling Vent Busters today for quality vent cleaning solutions and services. To schedule regular air quality inspections and cleanings or for a free estimate, call (843) 609-6517. You can also reach out to them by visiting them online

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