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Vend Alaska

1810 Burgess Ave.
Fairbanks, AK 99709
(907) 452-2085
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Want to increase the spirits of the employees in your office? One simple way is having tasty vending options and pleasant entertainment. For more than 70 years, Vend Alaska has been the leading vending machine supplier in Fairbanks, AK, and the surrounding area. Their team is dedicated to providing reliable vending services, fun games and superior customer support.

Vend Alaska is a locally owned and operated vending machine supplier. They carry an assortment of vending options for both food and beverages at low rates. Each machine is filled with high-quality products, including hot drinks, snacks and cold food, perfect for curing afternoon lulls.

In addition to supplying treats, Vend Alaska offers portable ATM machines, as well as entertainment like bingo and arcade games. If you’re planning a fun office event, let their team supply the music and activities. Other exciting options include jukeboxes, photo booths, dart boards and pool tables.

Vend Alaska is a proud member of the Fairbanks community, which is why they are focused on building strong relationships with the businesses they serve. Their professional staff will answer your questions promptly, as well as deliver your vending supplies quickly. As an independent company, they are able to concentrate on your needs and respond to issues rapidly, unlike corporate offices that have a long list of problems to address.

Boost the morale in your office with food and games from Vend Alaska, your local vending machine supplier. Call them today at (907) 452-2085 for a free estimate or visit them online. Also, check out their Facebook for news and updates.

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